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Title: The properties of ensiled crops and the design of silos
Authors: Wood, Jonathan G. M.
Issue Date: 1970
Publisher: Newcastle University
Abstract: The primary aim of the programme of research described in this thesis was to develop a method of calculating the pressures of ensiled materials for use in the design of silos. I have given in Chapter I the detailed records of the filling and unloading of a number of silos. Chapter 2 includes a literature survey and, the results of-my own field work on'the measurement of pressures wall strains and silage temperatures. Chapter 3 is concerned with the measurement of the properties of concrete silo staves and proposes quality standards, Chapter 4 reviews in detail the available information on the physical and biological properties of ensiled grain including my research on the varilations in grain density with pressure, moisture content and time. Chapter 5 similarily reviews the data on the, properties of ensiled grass and forage, including my research on the densities of these materials under the wide variety of conditions encountered in silos, I have used the results of my field and laboratory work and published material to develop in Chapter 6 a finite lamina calculation method for determining the pressures in and the capacities of silos, This enables the field conditions (with wide varlations in the maturity and moisture content of layers) to be simulated in detail and the optimum filling technique to be calculated. It also enables the filling rate required to limit overheating for given crop conditions to be determined.
Description: PhD Thesis
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