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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020The biochemistry of algal bioactives : their role in modulation of digestive processesAlbalawi, Mody Sweareh
2020Non-canonical RNA capping by DNA-dependent RNA polymerases & screen for bacteriophage regulators of mycobacterium smegmatis transcriptionJulius, Christina
2019KiPIK Screening: A Novel Method to Identify Kinases Responsible for Phosphorylation events of Interest.Watson, Nikolaus Allan
2019Cellular and regulatory roles of human DNA topoisomerase IIβKhazeem, Mushtaq Mufleh
2019The molecular basis of central element assembly within the synaptonemal complex during meiosisSalmon, Lucy Jennifer
2019The thermo-responsive regulation of Yersinia pestis immune protective protein (F1) by the Caf1R transcription factorAl-Jawdah, Abdulmajeed Dhafer Majeed
2019Dissecting the roles of the Dectin-1R in the bladder innate defencesSuchenko, Andrejus
2019The use of synthetic biology to engineer vaccines against Ebola and Zika viruses using Salmonella based delivery systemsKildani, Rebecca Sarah
2019Regulation of transcription through the secondary channel of RNA polymeraseRiaz-Bradley, Amber
2019The mechanisms of the spindle assembly checkpoint and the mitotic cell deathLi, Jianquan
2019The interaction of nanoparticles with mucosal barriersAldhafeeri, Muneef Manea A
2019The regulation of deubiquitinases by oxidative stress in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeCurtis, Faye Elizabeth Jade
2019Mechanistic insights into N-glycan degradation by the human gut microbiotaBriliūtė, Justina
2018Biochemical analysis of translational recording driven by 2A peptideBalola, Ma
2019A systems biology investigation into age-related changes in the maintenance of collagen and extracellular matrix in human skinWelsh, Ciaran
2019MreB dependent cell envelope homeostasis in Bacillus subtilisSeistrup, Kenneth Holst
2019a Genetic approaches to understand peroxiredoxin-mediated H2O2 signalling mechanismsUnderwood, Zoe Elizabet
2018Metal specificities and catalytic activities of the two superoxide dismutases of Staphylococcus aureusBarwinska-Sendra, Anna Maria
2018The regulation of cellular signalling by the 5S RNPZhao, Zhao
2018The role of NF-kB in the response to reoxygenation-induced oxidative stressPark, Catherine Vida
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 204