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Title: The role of androgens in breast cancer and a letin ELISA for cerbB-2/HER-2
Authors: Aspinall, Sebastian Rupert
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: Newcastle University
Abstract: In this study, serum and tumour samples were collected from women with primary operable breast cancer and controls. Serum samples were used to measure androgen levels (dehydroepiandrostenseu lphate,a ndrostenedionea nd testosteronele vels) using conventionaEl LI SA techniques.A s "crosstaW' occursb etweens teroid hormonea nd growth factor pathways in breast (and prostate) cancer, it was proposed to measure cerbB-2 levels using a lectin ELISA format. This technique was chosen as a lectin ELISA for cerbB-2 had previously been developed in our laboratory, which showed encouraging results as a diagnostic test for breast cancer.
Description: MD Thesis
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