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Title: Representation Theory of Non-graded, Non-restricted Modular Lie algebras
Authors: Guerra Ocampo, Horacio Z.
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Newcastle University
Abstract: We classify in a uni ed approach the simple restricted modules for the minimal p-envelope of the non-graded, non-restricted Hamiltonian Lie algebra H.2I.1; 1/I ˆ.1// over an algebraically closed eld k of characteristic p 5. We also give the restrictions of these modules to a subalgebra isomorphic to the rst Witt Algebra, a result stated in [S. Herpel and D. Stewart, Selecta Mathematica 22:2 (2016) 765–799] with an incomplete proof. We end by completing the classi cation of the simple restricted modules over elds of all characteristics by considering the characteristic 3 case separately
Description: Ph. D. Thesis.
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