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Title: An exploration of the experiences of children and young people (CYP)considered to have additional educational needs (AEN) in taking part indecision making processes in an English educational context
Authors: Whitby, Zoë
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Newcastle University
Abstract: This thesis explores the experiences of children and young people (CYP) with additional educational needs (AEN) of taking part in decision-making processes (DMP) within the context of the English education system. It contains four chapters: a systematic literature review, a critical consideration of research methodology and ethics, an empirical research project and a reflexive chapter, which considers the personal and professional implications of the thesis. Chapter 1: The systematic literature review explores the experiences of CYP with AEN in participating in decision making processes in light of the legislation changes bought into place in 2014, which underpin CYP’s right to be active participants in such processes. Thematic synthesis was used to analyse six papers, following a detailed process of searching and selecting. Key Themes were identified as: How CYP are viewed by adults around them; The decision-making process; CYP’s views; and Relationships and Context. A theoretical framework was developed which explored how these themes relate to one another. The review highlights the importance of how both participation and CYP are conceptualised by adults around them within the context of DMP and how this influences the DMP and the CYP’s agency within that process. This is further shaped and underpinned by the relationships around the CYP and how these support their participation in the DMP and by the CYP’s own views and experiences. Chapter 2: Chapter 2 provides a critical consideration of research methodology in relation to my empirical research project on the experiences of girls with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in taking part in decision making processes (DMP). In this chapter I layout my own epistemological stance, I relate the findings from my SLR to my methodological approach and explore the practical and ethical complexities which underpin the approach to and design of my study. Chapter 3: ‘It's my health care plan I should know what's going on.’ The purpose of this empirical report is to develop an understanding of the lived experiences of girls with ASD in contributing to their educational provision as part of the planning process for their Education Health and Care Plans (EHCPs) and Annual Reviews (ARs). The project was undertaken in the North East of England and adopted a qualitative approach. Semi-structured interviews were carried out to explore the experience of autistic girls of being part of EHCP and AR processes. The interviews were analysed 4 using Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA). The participants’ experiences are discussed in the light of the wider literature and the implications this has for future practice. Through developing an understanding of the girls’ experiences, I hope that this will inform practice for professionals in supporting girls with autism in being part of DMP and developing guidelines which enhance the quality of the EHCP plans to reflect young people’s thoughts and wishes. Chapter 4: This chapter provides a reflective and reflexive account of the research process and outcomes and what this means for me as a trainee practitioner and researcher. I consider the implications for future practice both personally and more generally and how these may come about
Description: D. App. Ed. Psy. Thesis
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