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Title: An exploration of the lived experiences of gender diverse young people in schools
Authors: Hall, Natalia Louise
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Newcastle University
Abstract: This thesis explores the lived experiences of gender diverse (GD) young people (YP) in schools. It comprises of four chapters: a Systematic Literature Review, a methodological and ethical critique, a piece of empirical research and a reflective synthesis. Chapter 1 This chapter reports on a Systematic Literature Review, synthesising five papers. It explores how transgender and cisgender YP’s experiences of education differ. All five of the studies explored found that transgender youth experience more risk factors than their cisgender peers. Furthermore, these experiences were found to be unique to transgender students when compared to non-heterosexual cisgender peers, with whom they are often linked. Chapter 2 This chapter provides a methodological and ethical critique of possible and relevant research designs and methods that have been employed in my empirical research. This includes a reflection on my positionality as a researcher and how the ontological and epistemological viewpoints I espouse have underpinned the methodological and ethical decisions I have made throughout my thesis. Chapter 3 While the exploration into the experiences of GD YP is a growing field within psychological and educational research, much of the current research available has explored the negative experiences faced by GD YP and the detrimental impact this has had on their outcomes both within school and into adulthood. This chapter reports an empirical research project involving two GD YP. It provides a qualitative exploration of participants’ experiences of education, exploring both positive and negative elements. Findings are discussed in relation to previous literature. Limitations and implications for schools, as well as for Educational Psychologists, are highlighted. Chapter 4 This chapter demonstrates what the work has meant to me as a practitioner and researcher, and what the next steps are for me as I become a fully qualified Educational Psychologist. It also explores some of the critical thinking processes I went through during my research journey and the challenges I faced particularly considering the COVID-19 pandemic
Description: D. App. Ed. Psy. Thesis
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