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dc.contributor.authorOna, Denis Ijike-
dc.descriptionPhD Thesisen_US
dc.description.abstractEddy current (EC) testing is a popular inspection technique due to its harsh environment tolerance and cost-effectiveness. Despite the immense research in EC inspection, defect detection at high lift-off still poses a challenge. The weakening mutual coupling of EC probe and sample due to the increase in lift-off degrades signal strength and thus reduces the detection sensitivity. Although signal processing can be used to mitigate lift-off influence, it is laborious and time consuming. Therefore, in this study, a Tx-Rx probe system is proposed to deal with high lift-off inspection. The parts of the study of the Tx-Rx EC system includes optimisation of probe configuration, improvement of signal conditioning circuit and comparative study of excitation modes. In optimisation of probe configuration, lift-off and coil gap are optimized to mitigate the offset caused by the direct coupling of Tx-Rx coils. The optimum coil gaps of Tx-Rx probe for different lift-offs are found by observing the highest signal strength. The optimisation of coil gap against lift-off extends the detection sensitivity of the EC system to a lift-off of about 30 mm which is by far higher than 5 mm lift-off limit of a single-coil EC probe. In signal conditioning aspect, a modified Maxwell bridge circuit is designed to remove the offset due to self- impedance of the Rx coil. The proposed circuit mitigates the influence of the self-impedance of Rx coil and improves signal-to- noise ratio SNR. In the excitation mode, pulse and sweep frequency signals are compared to study detection sensitivity, SNR and crack quantification capability. The result of the comparative study reveals that pulse excitation is good for crack sizing while sweep frequency excitation is better for crack detection. Simulations and experimental studies are carried out to show the efficacy of the Tx-Rx EC system in high lift-off crack detection.en_US
dc.publisherNewcastle Universityen_US
dc.titleInvestigation of Tx-Rx mutual inductance eddy current system for high lift-off inspectionen_US
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