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Title: Rock bolt reinforcement systems for coal mine roadways
Authors: Tully, David Michael
Issue Date: 1987
Publisher: Newcastle University
Abstract: The utilisation of rock bolting for the support of British coal mine roadways can improve roadway strata conditions and, by permitting a reduction in the density, cross-section or total elimination of steel standing support, can produce considerable savings in roadway support costs. This study reviews worldwide experiences in the use of rock bolt reinforcement techniques to enhance the stability of coal mine roadways. Details of methods of geotechnical design data acquisition and assessment are given as well as a critical study of various empirical, analytical and observational methods of tunnel support design. The use of scale model studies is shown to be particularly effective for the design of rock bolt support systems for coal mine roadways. With reference to numerous case studies, descriptions are given of rock bolt systems available and their suitability to specific mine roadway conditions is discussed. Installation procedures and equipment are also reviewed. It is the author's intention that this study should be used as the basis for further detailed investigation of specific aspects of rock bolt support systems. A number of recommendations are made as to the fields in which further research should be undertaken.
Description: PhD Thesis
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