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Title: Repeat, evolve, adapt : portfolio of compositions with commentary
Authors: Papaioannou, Helen
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Newcastle University
Abstract: The pieces presented in this research project explore compositional approaches centring around evolving repetition. Through my compositional practice, I investigate repetition as a mechanism for generating perpetual musical transformation and creating hyperactive action based on shifting patterns. Repetition serves to establish rhythmic relationships and to mature patterns, as well as to drive persistent rhythmic instability and textural transience. These qualities generically summarise each of the pieces included in this portfolio, however every piece is particular, written for a specific context and approaching the characteristics described above from various perspectives. Connected to these creative processes and aesthetic traits is the performer’s precarious relationship with the score; the abundance of prescribed, rhythmically progressive actions magnifies the instability of the medium of notation. Alongside sound, I consider the interpersonal interactions between performers and the dynamics of the ensemble to be important factors in driving compositional thought. The growing importance of these ideas throughout the composition portfolio has led me to a reconsideration of the modes of collaboration involved in my practice. This includes an evaluation of traditions of performance practice in relation to the plethora of compositional and notational approaches in contemporary scored music. The core of this research is the composition portfolio which comprises of twelve musical scores and recordings where available. This is supported by a commentary exploring both technical aspects of the work and a contextual discussion of the research, which considers recent and related approaches of other practitioners.
Description: PhD Thesis Multimedia items accompanying this thesis to be consulted at Robinson Library
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