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Title: Appreciating the world of autism through the lens of VIG-Exploring perceptions, experiences and emerging narratives on autism
Authors: Gibson, Katie Alexandra
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Newcastle University
Abstract: The current research volume encompasses three chapters; initially considering existing literature, then methodological considerations, followed by the current empirical research project. Initially a systematic synthesis of literature was conducted to explore how video has been applied as an active intervention tool in interaction-focused interventions for children labelled with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The synthesis highlighted the tentative promise of using Video Interactive Guidance (VIG) to promote synrhythmia and attunement between parents and children with ASD. Following this the bridging document allowed for a more specific consideration of epistemological, methodological and ethical factors in preparation for the empirical research. The final chapter outlines the empirical research which aimed to identify understandings and narratives around ASD through the application of VIG. Findings of the current study suggest that VIG offers an effective tool for in-depth exploration of complex, multi-storied understandings of ASD and the perceived parental role. The intervention was perceived to promote greater awareness of the child‘s communication skills, beyond the ‗common‘ understandings of ASD, by providing a novel outsider perspective on interactions. The intervention also promoted parental efficacy through recognition of parenting skills in supporting the development of strength-based narratives. VIG was seen to provide a platform for an exploration of existing narratives and the construction of new, preferred realities.
Description: D. App. Ed. Psy.
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