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Title: Engaging older adults and people with dementia in the design of digital technologies
Authors: Lindsay, Stephen Colin
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: University of Newcastle upon Tyne
Abstract: Improvements in healthcare and nutrition have led to increased life expectancies for people around the world, and a growing need to support the larger numbers of older people living with chronic and age-related health conditions. Although the use of digital technologies is increasingly proposed for health and social care solutions, in practice the designers of these technologies are ill equipped to actively engage older people and in particular people with syndromes such as dementia. An examination of previous work on design for older people, and people with dementia, suggests that poor design arises from a gulf in knowledge and experience between the designers and their subjects. To address this divide the KITE participatory design method for engaging people with dementia in design is proposed. KITE facilitates engagement by structuring and scaffolding an empathic relationship between designers and their participants. The approach is elaborated and evaluated through an exercise to design a digital technology to help people with dementia have safe walking experiences. The analysis of this process leads to the formulation of the OASIS design method which is intended to apply to older people more generally. OASIS is evaluated and refined through a number of design studies for technologies to support healthy eating, day-to-day travelling needs and living safely within the community. Reflection on the application of the OASIS method highlights a number of key strategies that can be used to establish and maintain respectful, empathic, and productive participatory design relationships with older adults and people with dementia.
Description: PhD Thesis
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