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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Driver boredom :its human antecedents and behavioural consequencesHeslop, Simon
1995Drugs abuse in the United Arab EmiratesSarhan, Hashim Abdullah Sulaiman
1974The drying of ryegrass seeds in deep layersNellist, M.E.
2013Dyadic trust and the accomplishment of organisational objectives : competence, benevolence and integrity salience and institutional cues in perceptions of peer and leader trustworthinessAddison, Susan
2003Dynamic analysis of the cutting forces in gear hobbingAbood, Ali Muzhir
1982Dynamic behaviour of linkage mechanismsHaines, Roger Sidney
2014Dynamic contention management for distributed applicationsBrook, Matthew Jess
2007Dynamic deployment of web services on the internet or gridFowler, Christopher Piers
2015Dynamic energy demand prediction and related control system for UK householdsLi, Yapeng
2000Dynamic enterprise modelling: a methodology for animating dynamic social networksPeriorellis, Panayiotis
2017Dynamic performance of voltage balancing and circulating current suppression control for modular multilevel converterYin, Congqi
2014Dynamic relationship between cardiac imaging and physiological measurementsDuan, Wenfeng
1993The dynamic simulation and control of aluminium smelting cellsWright, Alistair William
2013Dynamical models of the mammalian target of rapamycin network in ageingDalle Pezze, Piero
1974Dynamics and control of linkage mechanisms having two degrees of freedomYoussef, Ahmad H
1972The dynamics of rigid and flexible four-bar linkage mechanismsSmith, M.R.
1998The dynamics of the development of techniques for the remedial treatment of contaminated landWills, Julian Gawain Clifford
2011Dynamics of tropical African climate and marine sedimentation during major climate transitionsEniola, Olubunmi
2019The dysfunctional brain dynamic of Lewy body dementia and its behavioural and clinical correlates : an fMRI and EEG analysisSchumacher, Julia Aglaia
2000Dystonia : a comprehensive and longitudinal study of the epidemiological, social, economic and psychological implications of dystonia within the population of the North East of EnglandButler, Anthony Gordon