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Title: On the design and construction of modulated pole machines
Authors: Pinguey, Edwin
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Newcastle University
Abstract: This thesis presents two designs for modulated pole machines from concept through to validating prototypes, each comparing favourably with other modulated pole machines. The key feature to these designs is that they employ novel fabrication techniques which are realisable in low cost manufacture without compromise in performance. This is achieved by reviewing the specific properties of soft magnetic composite and laminated steel. Each material was then utilised in such a way as to take best advantage of its distinguishing properties leading to the development of novel fabrication and construction techniques. The designs are each presented in three stages. Firstly the development of the concept is presented and the use of finite element simulation to reach a design worthy of construction is documented. The development of fabrication techniques for the various parts is then presented along with the assembly into a working single phase prototype. Finally testing and comparison of results with simulated and other existing published designs is presented.
Description: Eng. D. Thesis
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