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Title: A computer-aided design of multi-storey steel frames
Authors: Parrott, R. J.
Issue Date: 1980
Publisher: Newcastle University
Abstract: This thesis'describes the application of computer aided optimum design techniques to the design of braced multi-storey steel frameworks. I Optimization methods which have been used successfully in structural engineering are described and classified. Applications of the methods to structural design are reviewed and conclusions are drawn concerning the current state of the structural optimization art, The development of a model which assigns a cost to a typical multi-storey framework is described. A computer programme which comprises this model and-structural design routiness allowing the interactive cost comparison of alternative designs is also described. The thesis goes on to describe the development of suitable problem orientated optimization algorithms which can be combined with the cost model and structural design routines. A design strategy is then developed which, if followed will produce economic designs. The results of using the design system are presented and conclusions are drawn concerning optimum structural design. Finally avenues of possible further research which this research indicates will prove profitable are indicated.
Description: PhD Thesis
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