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Title: Subordination in Chechen with a focus on nominalization
Authors: Saieva, Elina
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Newcastle University
Abstract: This thesis investigates subordination in Chechen and proposes a comprehensive description of the type of subordination known as nominalization, an area currently uninvestigated in descriptions of Chechen grammar. Certain types of subordination, in particular relative clauses, have been discussed in the literature (Komen 2007; Good 2003); however, not all types of subordinate clause have been covered. In this thesis, I aim to give a full account of subordination strategies in Chechen, including all possible types, as well as offering a description of nominalizations. This work fills the gaps in the existing literature on subordination in Chechen and also adds new knowledge in terms of nominalization. As well as contributing to the body of knowledge on Chechen, this study adds to existing descriptive work on nominalization cross-linguistically.
Description: PhD Thesis
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