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Title: Software package applications for designing rail freight interchanges
Authors: David, Raphael Kling
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Newcastle University
Abstract: Rail freight transport has a crucial role to play in the economy, delivering significant reductions in logistics costs, pollution, and congestion. Typically, the conventional architecture and layout of the rail freight interchange constrain the capacity and performance of the whole railway system. A well-designed rail freight interchange can enhance the system performance by maximizing vehicle usage and minimizing last mile distribution cost. Therefore, the study of rail freight interchange operation is considered crucial to understand how to increase and improve the attractiveness for rail freight transport. This thesis uses game engines to develop software packages that are used for the design of new rail freight interchanges, considering multistakeholder decisions drivers. A novel and modular approach has been applied with the purpose of developing and deploying simulation tools that can be used by multiple stakeholders to: -Understand the impact of multiple-criteria decision analysis on rail freight interchange layouts; -Use a genetic algorithm to identify the most suitable components of the future interchange to be designed, considering the multi-stakeholders’ priorities; - Quickly enable the design of a wide variety of rail freight interchanges from the information selected by a decision maker in a computer-based userfriendly interface. This research has proposed a framework for software development. Three case studies are used to illustrate adaptability of a number of applications for different scenarios. The findings of the research contribute to a better understanding of the impacts of the multiple stakeholder’s decisions on rail freight interchange designs. Key words: Rail Freight Interchanges, Multi stakeholders decision, genetic algorithm
Description: Ph.D. Thesis
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