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Title: Computer aided design of precast concrete industrial buildings
Authors: Andam, Kwesi Akwansah
Issue Date: 1979
Publisher: Newcastle University
Abstract: Amidst the complexities of modern technology, the structural engineer has come to rely cn the computer for general housekeeping. The design and construction of precast concrete framed structures is one instance where computing facilities can be sensibly utilised. This thesis is primarily concerned with all aspects that directly affect the cost of a family of precast concrete structures. One such type of structure has been studied in detail. Cost factors including fatrication haulage,foundation, cladding and erection have been studied in relation to this structure and within an industrial environment. The results have been used to develop a suite of programs. One of the programs in this suite is a cost model which analyses designs and costs precast concrete portal framed buildings, using efficient data structure modelling and picture transformation routines, a graphics program has been developed. This graphics program can be interfaced with the cost model such that at any design session a set of ergineerirg drawings and bending schedule sheet can be output digitally. The cost model can also be interfaced with a cost contour program and an optimizing algorithm such that an optimum design can be achieved at a design session and the associated cost response surface may also be generated digitally. Sample data sets are input to the suite of programs and the results are presented. Conclusions are drawn on the significance of these results and the relevance of this study to existing industrial practice.
Description: PhD Thesis
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