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Title: The links and chains of culture : how to reach a position on culture
Authors: Liljedahl, Thomas Björn Olof.
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Newcastle University
Abstract: This thesis enters the debate regarding liberalism and multiculturalism and provides an answer to the question of how the state is to treat cultures. This involves first breaking down the assumptions made relating to culture into links and investigates how these links interact and form chains. This approach allows us to more easily examine the coherence of our thinking on issues relating to culture by showing us how a position on one element relating to culture has consequences for the outcome to our reasoning relating to how the state is to treat culture. The thesis then builds on this approach and constructs a contractualist answer to the question of how the state is to treat cultures, premised around the most burdened. The position of the thesis is that the state is to act in the way which the most burdened could reasonably accept. After examining the assumptions which this thesis is premised on the project then applies this to four examples of the type of issues which the state is called on to take action in relation to cultures. Concluding that the state is best placed in taking action in situation where this would lead to an increase in the options of the members of cultures, and less suited to act when the action would decrease the options available.
Description: PhD Thesis
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