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Title: "To what extent does the offer of Rubat housing meet the needs of poor women in Jeddah?"
Authors: Al-Ahmadi, Fouz Shaher
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Newcastle University
Abstract: This study investigates the effectiveness of Rubat housing for women in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. Set within a discussion of the greater vulnerability of women to poverty, the study considers the responses to poverty set out in Islam which ensures obligations on family members and formalizes charitable giving that creates Rubat housing. Taking a multi method approach, the study investigates in detail six Rubat buildings and their residents in three distinct areas of the city. In general, the study has shown that there was a major lack of building investment in maintenance and no awareness of the specific needs of older frailer women, disabled women or the needs of children. Within the buildings there was little attention to the needs of the women beyond the basic need for the most meager shelter. It was also made clear throughout this study, that there exists a lack of communication and coordination between all parties responsible for the upkeep of these housing facilities, and with regard to the social condition of the occupants, their only concern was providing basic shelter for these women. The researcher thus recommends that there should be more of a consolidated effort between Rubat owners and the Department of Endowments which oversees these housing facilities, by creating a joint commission which will be responsible for the monitoring of conditions from all physical, social and economic aspects, as well as the medical welfare of the occupants. The study puts forward improved design for Rubats targeted at older women and for women with children and concludes that with proper investment and a broader set of objectives these could provide decent solutions not only to poor women’s housing needs but also be a real step in helping women escape poverty.
Description: PhD Thesis
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