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Title: Geometric frequency reuse for irregular cellular networks
Authors: Adejo, Achonu Oluwole
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Newcastle University
Abstract: This thesis uniquely addresses challenges of bandwidth management in cellular networks. The need for enhanced frequency assignment strategies in Long term evolution (LTE) systems arises due to the limiting e ects of intercell interference (ICI). In this study, the realistic scenario of irregular network coverage patterns is considered, and in addition, Heterogeneous cellular networks (HetNets). Firstly, extensive analysis using simulations is presented for static frequency reuse (FR) techniques in irregular Homogeneous (single-tier) cellular networks. Investigation was carried out over several network positional and deployment layouts. Second, a model is developed for irregular networks by de ning frameworks for their location parameters and relationships, FR bandwidth and power assignment, and the probability of interference in partitioned FR schemes. A novel Geometric FR (GeoFRe) algorithm is then proposed for single-tier networks with random BS placements. Third, an optimization framework based on user fairness is proposed and implemented for single-tier networks based on the concept of virtual UEs in di erent BS regions. Finally, a framework for HetNets is presented where macro and small BS deployments have imperfect coverage grid patterns. Performance analysis is then carried out for two implementations of the Soft FR (SFR) algorithm. Results from this research provide detailed analysis on impact of BS irregularity on UE performance under FR schemes, a simpli ed framework for modelling irregular macro BS, an improved FR model, accurate computations for the area of irregular network coverage patterns for intelligent bandwidth assignment, an optimization framework to improve user fairness (and edge UE performance) in single-tier networks and an FR model with performance analysis for irregular Het- Nets.
Description: PhD Thesis
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