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Title: A discussion of immersion in human computer interaction : the immersion model of user experience
Authors: Dawson, John David
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Newcastle University
Abstract: This document is a discussion of Immersion in Human-Computer Interaction which has been developed from observing and recording the experiences of participant’s in studies exploring the use of, and engagement with, technology. Within this Thesis, I present a model of User-Experience derived from my research which is termed the Immersion Model of User-Experience. I then explore how this model can be used to identify and foster the optimal form of User-Experience known as Flow. In addition, this Thesis includes an exploration of the prominent literature in Immersion and Flow, as well presenting a series of studies that were used to draw the conclusions of the Thesis. Starting with an exploration of the topic of Immersion in Human Computer Interaction, I examine the common terms, descriptions and uses of Immersion across a variety of fields. I use this body of work to provide background and understanding to what it means to be immersed in activities. I then discuss how Flow experience can be identified as the optimal experience in an activity. I then present how this can be mapped to User-Experience by presenting the Immersion Model of User-Experience. In detail of this model I explore how different elements of an experience change the type of experience an individual has when engaged in an activity. Finally, I discuss how an antithesis to Flow can occur, the pessimal experience known as Boredom.
Description: PhD Thesis
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