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Title: Improvement and optimisation of industrial process cleaning in the brewing industry
Authors: Atwell, Charlotte
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Newcastle University
Abstract: Heineken faces on-going business challenges due to the frequently increasing demand to attain more rigid production, sustainable, and financial targets. There are many factors which influence their ability to meet these targets within their production processes. One significant area which is often overlooked in industry is the limiting aspects within their cleaning in place (CIP) systems which includes; i) production down time, ii) cleaning costs, iii) effluent costs, and iv) quality control. This thesis details the work done in three projects completed by the research engineer for the EngD with Newcastle University in collaboration with Heineken. The aims of the projects were to benchmark the CIP costs within Bulmers fermentation area, to optimise the detergent cleaning phase of the CIP process for fermentation vessels, and to develop a predictive model to determine the theoretical end point of a cleaning process. The thesis also details business benefits which have been seen from the EngD. The research engineer has spent 3.5 years of the EngD working on site at Bulmers on the projects by i) collecting extensive data and site knowledge, ii) performing bench scale experiments, iii) analysis of results, and iv) on site verification of findings. The rest of the time was spent at Newcastle University for the taught section of the EngD, or performing pilot scale trials on the ZEAL pilot plant at Birmingham University. Based on the outcomes of the projects, the work done may be implemented to optimise the detergent CIP step, reduce chemical and water consumption, reduce effluent costs and reduce production down time. The predictive model may also be further developed for implementation on site to provide cost benefits in the same aspects of site cleaning. The overall implementation is predicted to save more than £2,000,000 per annum for Bulmers with the opportunity to be extended and provide comparable savings for all Heineken sites.
Description: Eng. D.
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