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Title: Development of an index for maritime container transport costs, connectivity and risks for the UK
Authors: Karamperidis, Stavros
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Newcastle University
Abstract: Purpose This study develops an index of maritime container transport costs, connectivity and risks for the UK. Data pertaining to the UK-China maritime container corridor was used as this corridor is typical of container flows in and out of the UK. The baseline year for the index was 2010. Research design A mixed method approach, across three phases, was used for the development of the index. A literature review revealed factors affecting costs, connectivity, risks and indices that exist in the maritime transport sector, while a content analysis yielded additional knowledge concerning the indices. In Phase 1 of the research, 26 face-to-face in-depth interviews were conducted for weights extraction. Those weights were used in Phase 2, combined with secondary data for each factor to compose the Prime Index. The index was validated by a focus group of academics in Phase 3a. Thereafter (Phase 3b), a Delphi survey was carried out to derive consensus regarding the factors used for the development of the index, the index weights, the overall index and the data sources used. In Phase 3c a focus group verified the overall index, while Phase 3d provided an assessment of the risk factors and sources via an in-depth face-to-face interview. Findings An index was generated comprising of 68 factors and grouped into three categories; cost, connectivity and risk. The overall index improved by 7.15 percent in 2011, compared with its baseline (2010). That finding aligns with experts’ observations that, in 2011, it was easier for them to move maritime containers in and out the UK than in 2010. Research implications/limitations The index will assist all stakeholders in the maritime container transport chain to better understand the impact of changes in services, costs and risks. Originality/value This research created an index of cost, connectivity and risk for the maritime container transport sector and also provides a framework for the creation of such an index. The ii index is the first such index developed to date which captures these factors. The framework can also be applied by stakeholders to other maritime transport sectors.
Description: PhD Thesis
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