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Title: Reference retrieval based on user induced dynamic clustering
Authors: Oddy, Robert N.
Issue Date: 1974
Publisher: Newcastle University
Abstract: The problem of mechanically retrieving references to documents, as a first step to fulfilling the information need of a researcher, is tackled through the design of an interactive computer program. A view of reference retriev- al is presented which embraces the browsing activity. In fact, browsing is considered important and regarded as ubiquitous. Thus, for successful retrieval (in many circum- stances), a device which permits conversation is needed. Approaches to automatic (delegated) retrieval are surveyed, as are on-line systems which support interaction. This type of interaction usually consists of iteration, under the user's control, in the query formulation process. A program has been constructed to tryout another approach to man-machine dialogue in this field. The machine builds a model of the user's interest, and chooses refer- ences for display according to its current state. The model is expressed in terms of the program's knowledge of the network of references ans literature of the field, namely a associated subject descriptors, authors and any other entity of potential interest. The user need not formulate a query - the model varies as a consequence of his reactions to references shown to him. The model can be regarded as a binary classification induced by the user's messages. The program has been used experimentally with a small collection of references and the structured vocabulary from the kedlars system. A brief account of the program design methodology is also given.
Description: PhD Thesis
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