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Title: Design and development of algorithms for fault tolerant distributed systems
Authors: Ezhilchelvan, Paul Davadoss
Issue Date: 1989
Publisher: Newcastle University
Abstract: This thesis describes the design and development of algorithms for fault tolerant distributed systems. The development of such algorithms requires making assumptions about the types of component faults for which toler- ance is to be provided. Such assumptions must be specified accurately. To this end, this thesis develops a classification of faults in systems. This fault classification identifies a range of fault types from the most restricted to the least restricted. For each fault type, an algorithm for reaching distributed agreement in the presence of a bounded number of faulty processors is developed, and thus a family of agreement algorithms is presented. The influence of the various fault types on the complexities of these algorithms is discussed. Early stopping algorithms are also developed for selected fault types and the influence of fault types on the early stopping conditions of the respective algorithms is analysed. The problem of evaluating the perfor- mance of distributed replicated systems which will require agreement algo- rithms is considered next. As a first step in the direction of meeting this challenging task, a pipeline triple modular redundant system is considered and analytical methods are derived to evaluate the performance of such a system. Finally, the accuracy of these methods is examined using computer simulations.
Description: PhD Thesis
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