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Title: An accurate prefetching policy for object oriented systems
Authors: Song, Dong Ho
Issue Date: 1991
Publisher: Newcastle University
Abstract: In the latest high-performance computers, there is a growing requirement for accurate prefetching(AP) methodologies for advanced object management schemes in virtual memory and migration systems. The major issue for achieving this goal is that of finding a simple way of accurately predicting the objects that will be referenced in the near future and to group them so as to allow them to be fetched same time. The basic notion of AP involves building a relationship for logically grouping related objects and prefetching them, rather than using their physical grouping and it relies on demand fetching such as is done in existing restructuring or grouping schemes. By this, AP tries to overcome some of the shortcomings posed by physical grouping methods. Prefetching also makes use of the properties of object oriented languages to build inter and intra object relationships as a means of logical grouping. This thesis describes how this relationship can be established at compile time and how it can be used for accurate object prefetching in virtual memory systems. In addition, AP performs control flow and data dependency analysis to reinforce the relationships and to find the dependencies of a program. The user program is decomposed into prefetching blocks which contain all the information needed for block prefetching such as long branches and function calls at major branch points. The proposed prefetching scheme is implemented by extending a C++ compiler and evaluated on a virtual memory simulator. The results show a significant reduction both in the number of page fault and memory pollution. In particular, AP can suppress many page faults that occur during transition phases which are unmanageable by other ways of fetching. AP can be applied to a local and distributed virtual memory system so as to reduce the fault rate by fetching groups of objects at the same time and consequently lessening operating system overheads.
Description: PhD Thesis
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