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Title: Congestion problems in computing systems
Authors: Mitrani, I
Issue Date: 1972
Publisher: Newcastle University
Abstract: The subject of this dissertation is the modeling and analysis of multiprogramming computing systems. Several cyclic queuing models are studied. The systems which they apl)roximate have one central processor and one or more peripheral processors; queues are served in order of arrival or accordlng to priority disciplines. Except in the simplont case of 'one central and one peripheral processor, FIFO queuing and exponential service times at both processors t, all models are e.nalysed in the steady-state. Expressions for the central processor utilisation factor, the rate of departures from the system, the average reSidence time and, in the case mentioned above, the Laplace tranf:1forms of the interarrival interval and of the resldence time are obtained.
Description: PhD Thesis
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