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Title: Performance modelling of applications in a smart environment
Authors: Chen, Xiao
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Newcastle University
Abstract: In today’s world, advanced computing technology has been widely used to improve our living conditions and facilitate people’s daily activities. Smart environment technology, including kinds of smart devices and intelligent systems, is now being researched to provide an advanced intelligent life, easy, comfortable environment. This thesis is aimed to investigate several related technologies corresponding to the design of a smart environment. Meanwhile, this thesis also explores different modelling approaches including formal methods and discrete event simulation. The core contents of the thesis include performance evaluation of scheduling policies and capacity planning strategies. The main contribution is in developing a modelling approach for smart hospital environments. This thesis also provides valuable experience in the formal modelling and the simulation of large scale systems. The chief findings are that the dynamic scheduling policy is proved to be the most efficient approach in the scheduling process; and a capacity scheme is also verified as the optimal scheme to obtain the high work efficiency under the condition of limited human resource. The main methods used for the performance modelling are Performance Evaluation Process Algebra (PEPA) and discrete event simulation. A great deal of modelling tasks was completed with these methods. For the analysis, we adopt both numerical analysis based on PEPA models and statistical measurements in the simulation.
Description: PhD Thesis
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