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Title: Between two worlds :performance, politics & the role of art in social change
Authors: Leodari, Talya
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Newcastle University
Abstract: This thesis draws on the literatures surrounding identity, emotion and affect in order to consider the theatrical as a site of the political. In doing this it takes an interdisciplinary approach, using concepts from international politics, philosophy, anthropology, history and theatre to construct its case. The argument opens with a review of literatures pertaining to identity and emotion, both in international relations and more widely in the literatures of political philosophy, morality and ethics. Having established that there is a sound academic footing for inclusion of both in a study of the political, the argument proceeds to explore the literature relating to the theatrical – its history, uses and potential. After a discussion of methodologies, with a focus on quantitative technologies, particularly feminist, ethnographic and mediative methodologies; the discussion moves first to an introduction to the field sites and then an analysis of the fieldwork proper. The fieldwork, conducted among theatre students and professionals in Israel and Palestine, consists of interviews and observations drawn from workshops and performances. Through this empirical research the thesis demonstrates an understanding among theatre professionals that their art performs as a political site. The thesis concludes with a summary of the proceeding work, a reiteration of the main themes and a brief reflection on underlying emotional currents within the text. My original contribution to the literature of international politics lies in my exploration of the political nature of the theatrical. This interdisciplinary approach seeks to further the direct engagement of academic politics with political life “on the ground”, as well as an expansion of the ways in which we conceptualize that political life.
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