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Title: The use of hydrogen as a fuel for compression ignition engines
Authors: Antunes, Jorge Manuel Gomes
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Newcastle University
Abstract: The objective of this research was to investigate the applicability of hydrogen as a fuel for compression ignition engines. The research indicates that hydrogen is a suitable fuel for “compression ignition” (CI) engines, “fumigated diesel” (FD), “homogeneous charge compression ignition” (HCCI) and “direct injection of hydrogen” (DIH2). Peculiarities of the various modes of operation with hydrogen were investigated using a high speed commercial direct injection diesel engine, Deutz 1FL 511 with a compression ratio of 17:1, as well as a simulation model to assist with on the understanding of certain phenomena that were impossible to reproduce due to the engine and transducers physical limitations. Instrumentation with high-speed data acquisition was designed and installed to measure crankshaft speed and position, airflow rate, inlet air pressure and temperature, fuel consumption, brake power, cylinder combustion pressure, and exhaust gas temperature. The design, construction and characterization of a pulse controlled hydrogen injection system for HCCI and DIH2 was carried out and discussed. In this research, special attention was paid to characterize and identify the operating parameters that control the hydrogen combustion in a CI engine. High rates of engine cylinder pressure rise were found when using hydrogen and some form of control solution is required. Simulation and engine tests were carried out to characterize and identify new design approaches to control such high rates of pressure rise, culminating in the proposal of a pulsed injection methodology, and also the use of the Miller cycle to mitigate the observed high rates of pressure rise. A number of possible iv innovative solutions and measures, making the hydrogen engine operation reliable and safe are also presented.
Description: PhD Thesis
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