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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018a Sa'di's Rose garden : a paean to reconciliation ; an exploration of socio-political relations, human interactions, integration, peace and harmonyAhmadian, Cherkawani, Mohamad
2013The salience of boundaries :strategies of distinction, boundary reification and knowledge sharing in a nascent field of practiceZdunczyk, Katarzyna Anna
2000Sand and gravel transport through a riffle-pool sequenceMilan, David John
2013Satie and the French musical canon :a reception studyHanlon, Ann-Marie
2013Saudi perceptions of linguistic representations for women…Damanhouri, Miramar Yousif
2014Scaffolded assistance in Kenyan secondary school classrooms :the case of Maseno University student teachers of EnglishLugendo, Dorine June Munaba
2017Scalable and responsive real time event processing using cloud computingSuresh, Visalakshmi
2019Scalable Bayesian Time Series Modelling for Streaming DataLaw, Jonathan
2007Scalable collision detection for distributed virtual environmentsStorey, Kier
2016Scalable coordination of distributed in-memory transactionsEmerson, Ryan
2006Scalable Internet auctionsKhayyambashi, Mohammad-Reza
2016Scale effect in nutrient transport along a rural river system : the river Eden, Cumbria UKTijani, Fatai Oladapo
2017Scale up and development of microbial electrolysis cells for domestic wastewater treatment and energy recoveryCotterill, Sarah Elizabeth
2015Scale-up of enface electrochemical reactor systemsColeman, Simon James
1997Scale-up of the solid polymer electrolyte reactor for electro-organic synthesisGirt, Robert Stephen
2016Scaled boundary FEM :methodology development and applications for offshore wave diffractionShiou Yuan, Serena Lim
2003The scheduling of queues with non-linear holding costsO'Keeffe, Marilyn
2015Scholarship boys and children's books :working-class writing for children in Britain in the 1960s and 1970sTakiuchi, Haru Mikiko
2017School buildings maintenance in Malaysia : current practices, key challenges and implicationsMuzir, Abd Khalik Khassunah
2019School experiences of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller children : an exploration of psychological sense of communityPollock, Lucy Katherine