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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016K.S. Sorabji on neglected works : counter-canon as cultural critiqueMcMenamin, Sean
2023Kalanchoe blossfeldiana, a tool for comparatively studying stomatal physiology, guard cell and mesophyll metabolism in C3 and crassulacean acid metabolism tissuesCowan-Turner, Daniel
2006Key determining factors influencing small states' relationships : a case study of Malaysia's relations with Saudi ArabiaIdris, Asmady
1997The kinematic analysis and metrology of cylindrical worm gearingHu, Jun
2012Kinematic and anatomical measurement for biomechanical finger modelsWarlow, Oliver
2015Kinematic GNSS tropospheric estimation and mitigation over a range of altitudesWebb, Samuel Robert
1977The kinematics and vibration of planar linkage mechanismsOldham, Keith
1968Kinetic studies in the electrocrystallisation of metalsAstley, D. J.
1982The kinetics of the acid catalysed hydrolysis of dodecyl sulphate and dodecyl ether sulphate surfactants in concentrated micellar solutionsGarnett, Christopher John
2019KiPIK Screening: A Novel Method to Identify Kinases Responsible for Phosphorylation events of Interest.Watson, Nikolaus Allan
2013Knee joint kinematics associated with osteoarthritis in an older cohortMorris, Richard
2011Knowledge construction using web-based constructivist approach: a critical evaluation of students' performanceYusoff, Mohd Hafiz
2012Knowledge derivation and data mining strategies for probabilistic functional integrated networksJames, Katherine
2023Knowledge Discovery in Vehicle Identification Sensor NetworksPinto da Silva, Pedro
2017Knowledge extraction from biomedical data using machine learningLazzarini, Nicola
2019Knowledge Representation in Synthetic BiologyMcLaughlin, James Alastair
2015The knowledge, a collection of poetry, and, The poem noir : film noir in contemporary poetryChallis, John David
1994A knowledge-based decision support system for computer disaster prevention in IT centresDanish, Tawfig Yousef.
2014A knowledge-based system for low-grade waste heat recovery in the process industriesLaw, Richard
2009Knowledge-based urban development in ChinaWang, Xuefeng