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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Tests for identifying financial contagion : new theoretical approaches and empirical evidenceSewraj, Deeya
2013Thai pre-service teachers' beliefs about the learner-centred approach and their classroom practicesNaruemon, Darett
2018Thai university students' perceptions of the learner-centred approachJeanjaroonsri, Rungsima
2017That's me when I'm angry" : seeking the authentic voices of pupils and teachers from inside a Pupil Referral Unit through autoethnographyWoodley, Helen Elizabeth
2017a The role of CXCR4, CXCR7 and CCR7 in breast cancer metastatisDel Molino del Barrio, Irene.
2011A theatre for the soul : St. George’s Church, Jesmond : the building and cultural reception of a late-Victorian churchMoat, Neil
1991Theoretical and experimental analysis of the compaction process in a tapered screw pressZhong, Zhijun
1989A theoretical and experimental investigation of an absorption refrigeration system for application with solar energy unitsDalichaouch, Mahieddine
2015Theoretical historical phonology : a unified account of consonant lenition and vowel reduction in English within the framework of element and optimality theoryChoi, Jaehyeok
2004The theory and practice of refinement-after-hidingBurton, Jonathan
2018There and back again : imperial and national space in British children's fantasySubramanian, Aishwarya
2003Thermal efficient dwelling design :Bali, IndonesiaTrimarianto, Ciptadi
2017Thermo-economic analysis for optimal selection of desalination techniques based on combined cycle power plantEshoul, Nuri Mohamed Masoud
2013A thermo-economic model and a simulation analysis of a solar hydrogen system using IPSEproEl-Sharif, Abdulhamid
2014A thermodynamic and economic modelling study of recovering heat from MSF desalination cogeneration plantAl-Washahi, Mohammed Abdullah Salem
2014Thermostable DNA polymerases in replication, repair and biotechnologyGilroy, Louise
1996Thin layered systems for the repair and protection of concrete structuresSohrabi, Mohammad Reza
2016Thinking about our feelings : a pedagogical innovation centred on the skills of emotional intelligence with Third Culture KidsWhyte, Sarah Jane
2003Thinking about pedagogy : an investigation into the impact of the teaching of thinking on teachers' pedagogy and implications for professional developmentBlaize, Jeffrey
2014Thinking about thinking in the primary classDurkin, Rachel