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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Progressive collapse assessment of intact and damaged ship structures under combined bending and torsional loadingSyrigou, Maria
2011Progressive collapse assessment of lightweight ship structuresBenson, Simon Derek
2020Progressive collapse of damaged ship structuresLeelachai, Arriya
2021Progressive Collapse of Ship Structures Under Cyclic LoadingLi, Shen
1991Project plans and record-keeping on construction sites in the United KingdomScott, Stephen
2018Projectability, contextuality, and complexity of trailoff : a conversation analysis of 'but' at turn-final placementHata, Kazuki
2011Promoting and contesting hydropower development : actors and narratives in the Lower Mekong Basin’s hydropolitical constellationCooper, Rachel Victoria
2019Promoting and defending the rights of nature in Ecuador : $$b divergent environmentalisms and counter-hegemoniesRzedzian, Stefan Henryk
2013Promoting citizenship and environmental learning in the marine environmentGebbels, Susan
2017Promoting inclusion instead of exclusion : the effectiveness of school wide behavioural interventions and a rich account of school staffs' perspectivesHindmarch, Stephanie
2021Promoting school connectedness : planning and evaluating practice in educational settingsHicks, Lucy Joanna
2001Promoting the effective use of computers to support the learning and teaching of literacy and numeracy in primary education with attention to pedagogy, teacher reflection and developmentTse, Harrison Kar Him
2017Pronominal subjects in the English of Arabic, Finnish and French speakersAlsaedi, Naif Saeed Mohammed
2019A proof of concept study of respiratory physiology in preterm neonates during high flow nasal cannula therapySaikiran, Gopalakaje
1996The properties and crystallization behaviour of photo-degraded polypropyleneRabello, Marcelo Silveira
1970The properties of ensiled crops and the design of silosWood, Jonathan G. M.
2011Properties of triangular matrix and Gorenstein differential graded algebrasMaycock, Daniel
2011The prophet, the pirate and the witch : a narrative poemAdegbie, Peter
1984The prophetic vision of the Son of Man in the fourth gospel in the light of the religious tensions between Judaism and the Johannine community in the late first century C.E.Roffe, Timothy John
2018Proportional resonant control of three-phase grid-connected inverter during abnormal grid conditionsAlthobaiti, Ahmed Othman