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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Non-invasive power gating techniques for bursty computation workloads using micro-electro-mechanical relaysAlrudainy, Haider M.
2012Non-linear dynamo action and disc-halo interaction in disc galaxiesSmith, Andrew
1998Non-linear projection to latent structuresBaffi, Giuseppe
2010A non-traditional ethnographic study into crack cocaine cultures in an area in the North East of EnglandMcGovern, Ruth
2003Nonlinear partial least squaresHassel, Per Anker
2023Nonlinear Process Modelling and Optimization Control Using Computational Intelligence TechniquesZhu, Changhao
2017“The Normal Order of Things”: Propriety, Standardisation and the Making of Tin Pan AlleyRafferty, Kieran Francis
2010The North Korean nuclear crisis and the Six Party Talks :organising international security : hegemony, concert of powers, and collective security.Mun, Byeongcheol
2009North-east childhoods : regional identity in children's novels of the North East of EnglandDalrymple, Nolan
2014Novel actinobacterial diversity in arid Atacama Desert soils as a source of new drug leadsBusarakam, Kanungnid
2019A novel approach to environmental assessment of ships : development of a performance index for ship operationGibson, Martin Thomas
2020Novel approaches to cancer therapyLopez Fernandez, Jose Daniel
2017Novel approaches to prosthetic joint infectionRefaie, Ramsay
2016A novel assay to measure mitochondrial dysfunction in human skeletal muscle :implications for the diagnosis and treatment of mitochondrial diseasesRocha, Mariana Frota Cucio De Moraes
2012Novel biochemical markers in the diagnosis and management of early pregnancy problemChetty, Maya
2016Novel biopesticides targeting the neuromuscular system of the peach potato aphid Myzus persicaeAlatawi, Aishah Mohammed M
2015Novel business models : an empirical study of antecedents and consequencesShahwan, Rani M. M.
2020Novel Catalytic Transformations of Organophosphorus CompoundsPerry, Daniel Oliver
2021Novel computational approaches to research longitudinal microRNA-mRNA expression datasetsPatel, Krutik
2016Novel concepts derived from microbial biomarkers in the Congo system : implications for continental methane cyclingSpencerJones, Charlotte