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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Process development for the continuous epoxidation of renewable terpenes using “Mesoscale” 3D-printed oscillatory baffled reactorResul, Mohamad Faiz Mukhtar Gunam
2018Process development using oscillatory baffled mesoreactorsMcDonough, Jonathan Richard
2006Process intensification : a study of calcium carbonate precipitation methods on a spinning disc reactorHetherington, Paul
2012Process intensification : a study of micromixing and residence time distribution characteristics in the spinning disc reactorAl-hengari, Salah
1997Process intensification : mass transfer and pressure drop for countercurrent rotating packed bedsHassan-Beck, Haitem Mustafa
1999Process intensification : spinning disc reactor for the polymerisation of styreneBoodhoo, Kamelia
2002Process intensification :absorption and desorption of carbon dioxide from monoethanolamine solutions using Higee technologyJassim, Majeed Safar
2003Process intensification :cross-corrugated polymer film compact heat exchanger (PFCHE)Zaheed-Maheswaran, Liza
2000Process intensification :thin film spinning disc reactor for controlled continuous photo-polymerisation of acrylatesJohnstone, Julie Charlene
2013Process intensification in syngas production and cleaningMohamed, Abdulaziz Hemmali
2012Process intensification in the demulsification of water-in-crude oil emulsions via crossflow microfiltration through a hydrophilic polyHIPE polymer (PHP)Shakorfow, Abdelmalik Milad
2020Process intensification of biodiesel production from algae using foam flotation columnMusa, Salihu Danlami
2006Process intensification of liquid phase and gas-liquid precipitation of calcium carbonate in narrow channel reactorsTrippa, Giuliana
2004The process of product development in small and medium sized manufacturing firms :evidence from the North East of EnglandHodgson, Catherine Mary
2020Process planning methodology and evaluation of tool life for micromilling with an application to the fabrication of thin wall structureDadgari, Amin
2015Process regime classification and modelling of a sequencing batch reactor for producing polyhydroxybutyrate with mixed culture using neural networksGanjian, Amin
2017Process understanding and design methodology for industrial biotechnologyMcLachlan, Kirsty Jane
2016Processing and characterisation of novel bioceramics for load bearing applicationsMancuso, Elena
2011Processing and presentation of the rheumatoid arthritis candidate autoantigen aggrecan, by antigen-specific B cellsWilson, Caroline Louise
2016Processing Constantinople : understanding the role of lite in creating the sacred character of the landscapeManolopoulou, Vasiliki