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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1989The non-crucifixion iconography of the pre-Viking sculpture in the north of England :carvings at Hovingham, Masham, Rothbury, Sandbach and WirksworthHawkes, Alexandra Jane
2015Non-determinism in the narrative structure of video gamesPicucci, Marcello Arnaldo
2015Non-digestible carbohydrates, the WNT signalling pathway and bowel cancer riskMalcomson, Fiona Caroline
2012Non-equilibrium and finite temperature trapped Bose gases :interactions and decay of macroscopic excitationsAllen, Ashleigh Joy
2013Non-formal learning in museums and galleriesElwick, Alex Robert
2013Non-invasive cardiac imaging for the quantification of ventricular function :potential and future applicationsDuncan, Rae
2014Non-invasive electrophysiological assessment of the corticospinal tract in health and diseaseJaiser, Stephan Rudolf
2011Non-invasive methods to investigate brain function in health and diseaseFisher, Karen
2017Non-invasive power gating techniques for bursty computation workloads using micro-electro-mechanical relaysAlrudainy, Haider M.
2012Non-linear dynamo action and disc-halo interaction in disc galaxiesSmith, Andrew
1998Non-linear projection to latent structuresBaffi, Giuseppe
2010A non-traditional ethnographic study into crack cocaine cultures in an area in the North East of EnglandMcGovern, Ruth
2003Nonlinear partial least squaresHassel, Per Anker
2017“The Normal Order of Things”: Propriety, Standardisation and the Making of Tin Pan AlleyRafferty, Kieran Francis
2010The North Korean nuclear crisis and the Six Party Talks :organising international security : hegemony, concert of powers, and collective security.Mun, Byeongcheol
2009North-east childhoods : regional identity in children's novels of the North East of EnglandDalrymple, Nolan
2014Novel actinobacterial diversity in arid Atacama Desert soils as a source of new drug leadsBusarakam, Kanungnid
2019A novel approach to environmental assessment of ships : development of a performance index for ship operationGibson, Martin Thomas
2020Novel approaches to cancer therapyLopez Fernandez, Jose Daniel
2017Novel approaches to prosthetic joint infectionRefaie, Ramsay