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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019The ministerial career of Anthony Crosland 1964-1977King, Stephen
2014Mis-specification and goodness-of-fit in logistic regressionBadi, Nuri H. Salem
2021Missed Opportunities: How the Taiping Rebellion and American Civil War Changed American Attitudes Towards the Chinese Empire and China, 1850-1865Ross, Joseph Robert George
2019Mitigation of DC Current Injection in Transformerless Grid-Connected InvertersZhang, Weichi
2019Mitigation of impulsive noise for SISO and MIMO systemAl-Neami, Israa Ali Abdulrazaq
2018Mitigation techniques for acoustic noise and vibration in switched reluctance drivesPupadubsin, Ruchao
2020Mitochondria and microRNAs in obesity and after weight lossBreininger, Stella Panagio
2013Mitochondrial DNA depletion and insulin secretionHine, Donna Louise
2020Mitochondrial DNA methylation ; cardiovascular diseases risk and response to dietCorsi, Sarah
2014Mitochondrial DNA replication and biogenesis during embryonic development and in diseaseCarling, Phillippa Julia
2012Mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative stress in osteoarthritisGavriilidis, Christos
2021Mitochondrial dysfunction as a driver of cellular senescenceSalmonowicz, Hanna Malgorzata
2021Mitochondrial dysfunction in the pathogenesis of osteoporosisHipps, Daniel
2013Mitochondrial localisation of hTERT protects against nuclear DNA damage and mitochondrial ROS production after endogenous and exogenous stressSinghapol, Chatchawan
2011Mitochondrial myopathies and muscle stem cellsSpendiff, Sally
2016A mitochondrial ROS signal activates mitochondrial turnover and represses TOR during stressSriram, Ashwin
2021Mitophagy and the dynamics of mitochondrial DNA inheritance in early development and reproductionMarley, Jordan
1994Mixed finite element analysis with application to spot weldingWen, Jion
2017A mixed methods programme of study on the determinants and health outcomes of home food preparationMills, Susanna Dorothy Helen
2021A mixed methods study of the follow up of extremely preterm babies in the North East of EnglandPopescu, Otilia-Ana-Maria