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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Investigating older drivers' takeover performance and requirements to facilitate safe and comfortable human-machine interactions in highly automated vehiclesLi, Shuo
2020Investigating parental attitudes to randomised controlled trials in primary dental care : The IMPACT StudyCoventry, Heather Barbara
2015Investigating preferences for body size, and developing a program to modify distorted body size perceptionGledhill, Lucinda Jayne
2022Investigating Problem-Orientated Patient Pathways, Toothache to Treatment: ImPacT StudyCurrie, Charlotte
2017Investigating retinal pathology in patients carrying m.3243A>G mutation using human induced pluripotent stem cellsChichagova, Valeria
2016Investigating routes for in vitro and in vivo data storageLopiccolo, Annunziata
2017Investigating scaffolding during collaborative reading on the tabletop computerMaslamani, J. A.M. Jaber Ali M.
2018a Investigating sodium-hydrogen exchanger 1 (NHE1) inhibition as a potential therapy for Duchenne muscular dystrophyIoannou, Persefoni
2021Investigating techno-economic factors influencing the future value of energy storage technologiesMuñoz Vaca, Stalin Eloy
2013Investigating the associations between oral colonisation with respiratory commensal pathogens, oral hygiene and hospital acquired pneumonia in older patients with lower limb fractureEwan, Victoria
2016Investigating the biochemical basis of muscle cell dysfunction in chronic fatigue syndromeRutherford, Gina
2017Investigating the brain in mouse models of Duchenne muscular dystrophyBagdatlioglu, Emine
2014Investigating the brain mechanisms involved in learning abstract sensorimotor mappingsSchofield, Claire
2012Investigating the coaching of teachers to support change in challenging circumstancesHodgson, Dianne
2016Investigating the contribution of synaptic and vascular pathology to neurodegeneration in mitochondrial diseaseChrysostomou, Alexia
2010Investigating the development of a developmental disorder : mapping the trajectory of lexical development in specific language impairmentMcKean, Cristina
2021Investigating the effect of age-related mitochondrial dysfunction on intestinal tumour formation and progressionSmith, Anna Louise Murray
2020Investigating the effect of endurance exercise on mitochondrial function in the ageing heartAlimohammadiha, Ghazaleh
2016Investigating the effects of biochar and activated carbon amendment on the microbial community response in a volatile petroleum hydrocarbon - contaminated gravelly sandMangse, George
2017Investigating the effects of N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor autoantibodies on cortical oscillations in vitroThouin, Anaïs Chiara