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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Investigation of Tx-Rx mutual inductance eddy current system for high lift-off inspectionOna, Denis Ijike
2015Investigation of uterine blood vessel development in heavy menstrual bleedingBiswas Shivhare, Sourima
2020Investigation of vortex-induced-vibration of self-elevating offshore platforms with tubular legs under combined waves and currentsRamadasan, Sudheesh
2014An investigation to improve community resilience using network graph analysis of infrastructure systemsDunn, Sarah
1975Investigations into chromosomes 1, 2 and 3 of Coelopa frigida (Fab.)Aziz, Jabrail Barssom
2014Investigations into colour constancy by bridging human and computer colour visionCrichton, Stuart Owen John
2019Investigations into microgrid sizing and energy management strategiesKhawaja, Yara Jamil Saleem
1977Investigations into the mechanical cutting characteristics of some medium and high strength rocksBilgin, Nuh
2015Investigations of the gut innate defences of commercial broilersCadwell, Kevin
2014Investigations of the innate immune defences in the urogenital tractLanz, Marcelo
2021Investigations of the temporary adhesive of acorn barnacle Cypris LarvaeRaine, Joshua
2017Investigations on how the enteropathogenic Escherichia coli (EPEC) EspF effector inhibits PI-3 kinase-dependent phagocytosisAl-Layla, Aseel Abdulmunem Husse
2020Investor Sentiment and Asset Pricing : Empirical Evidence from an Enhanced Investor Sentiment IndexUng, Sze Nie
1992Ion selective electrodes in ion chromatographyIsildak, Ibrahim
1988Ion-selective sensors applied to the analysis of blood electrolytesKataky, Ritu
2015Irish incarnate : masculinities and intergenerational relations on TynesideRichardson, Michael Joseph
2018The iron and steel industries of the Derwent Valley : a historical archaeologyBowman, John Frederick
2012Iron-containing perovskite materials for stable hydrogen production by chemical looping water splittingMurugan, Arul
2016Irregular aluminium foam and phase change material composite in transient thermal managementMustaffar, Ahmad Fadhlan Bin
2012Is automatic linguistic profiling feasible in an ESL context?Lin, Bi-jar