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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Investigation of non-binary trellis codes designed for impulsive noise environmentsAbd Alaziz, Wael Shalan
1991An investigation of parents' conceptual development in the context of dialogue with a community teacherShaw, Janet
2015An investigation of partnership working in the implementation and delivery of the 14-19 diplomaMabbitt, Gillian
2011An investigation of roles for SIRT1 and dietary polyphenols in modulating the ageing process through DNA methylationIons, Laura Jane
2013Investigation of switching schemes for three-phase four-leg voltage source invertersZhang, Min
2013Investigation of switching schemes for three-phase four-leg voltage source invertersZhang, Min
2015Investigation of the association between genetics, drug exposure and statin-induced muscle toxicityBakar, Nur Salwani
2014An investigation of the barriers faced by older people when accessing dental services in a rural community in north east EnglandDevapal, Lucy
2014An investigation of the behaviour of financial markets using agent-based computational modelsManahov, Viktor
2014An investigation of the composite polymer electrolytes and electrocatalysts for the proton exchange membrane fuel cellKumar, Ravi
1997An investigation of the concept of state terrorismSproat, Peter Alan
2015An investigation of the effect of metal nanoparticles on the optical properties of silicon nanocrystalsAbualnaja, Khamael
2018Investigation of the effect of MWCNT filled epoxy adhesives in enhancing the quality of dissimilar material bonded jointsKonstantakopoulou, Maria.
1973Investigation of the effect of reactor size on the nett rate of formation of hydrazine from ammonia in a glow dischargeReilley, R A
2013Investigation of the effects of group composition and conference structure on group creativity and induvidual perceptions of transactional distance in university studentsKao, Pi-Yu
2017Investigation of the effects of thrombin and electrical pulse stimulation on metabolic function in cultured human skeletal muscle cellsAl-Bayati, Ali Abdulateef Hasan
2001Investigation of the electrode/electrolyte interface using ultra fast electrochemical ellipsometryAbel, Julia Catherine
2009Investigation of the genetic basis of insulin resistance and cardiovascular diseaseIbrahim, Ibrahim M.
2012The investigation of the implications of squatter relocations in high-risk neighbourhoods in MalaysiaAbdul Aziz, Faziawati
2000An investigation of the influence of a European formulary on general practitioner prescribing as part of an educational interventionJepson, Guy Michael Harrop