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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Accounting for the management of the River Tyne in the 19th centuryBrackenborough, Susan
2013The accuracy of filtered basis functions for the first principles modelling of defects in semiconductorsShrif, Fadil Ezzedin Irhoma
1991An accurate prefetching policy for object oriented systemsSong, Dong Ho
2012Achieving '5 a day' :an exploratory mixed method investigation of consumers who attain the UK fruit and vegetable recommendationWatson, Nichol
2019Achieving mutual engagement in ELT classroom interaction : a study of participation in the opening and closing practices of circle timeImpithuksa, Suparee
2016An acoustic analysis of vowel sequences in JapaneseHara, Isao
2008Acoustic guitar practice and acousticity :establishing modalities of creative practiceSinclair, Roderick
2010Acoustic parameters of emphasis in Libyan ArabicKriba, Hussin Abdulrazaq
2019The acoustics of place of articulation in English plosivesMcCarthy, Daniel Timothy Pio Denis
1998The acquisition of Arabic language comprehension by Saudi childrenAl-Akeel, Abdulrahman Ibraheem
2017Acquisition of lexical collocations : a corpus-assisted contrastive analysis and translation approachAlharbi, Rezan Mohammed S
2000The acquisition of phonology and the classification of speech disorders in German-speaking childrenFox, Annette V
2018Acquisition of sociolinguistic variation in a dialect contact situation : the case of Palestinian children and adolescents in SyriaShetewi, Ourooba
2013Acquisition of Turkish by heritage speakers : a processability approachBayram, Fatih
2013Acquisition strategies : determining the design requirements and managing the procurement process for the next generation of patrol craft for the Saudi Border GuardAlzahrani, Mohammed Yahya
2016Actinobacterial diversity in Atacama Desert habitats as a road map to biodiscoveryIdris, Hamidah Binti
1993The action of geotextiles in providing combined drainage and reinforcement to cohesive soilHeshmati, Sohrob
2017Action video games enhance executive function in typically developing children and children with Hemiplegic Cerebral PalsyAlGabbani., Maha Fahad S
1981Action-replay: a real-time debugging techniqueKanellopoulos, Nikos Gregory K.
2017The activation and disarming of Protease-activated receptor 2Falconer, Adrian.