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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Effect of climatic and agronomic factors on animal health, milk yield and quality parameters in Sfakiano dairy sheep production systems in CreteVoutzourakis, Nikolaos
2019The effect of complex feed on bioelectrical systems (BESs) performanceZhao, Fei
2019Effect of cuprous oxide particles on the drag characteristics of marine coatingsLi, Chang
2006The effect of diverse development goals on computer-based system dependabilityLawrie, Anthony Thomas
2014Effect of elevated CO2 on marine bacterioplankton and biogeochemical processesMaguire, Michael Joseph
2011Effect of ethanol and biodiesel addition on the movement and biodegradation of volatile petroleum hydrocarbons in the subsurfaceAli, Abdulmagid Elazhari M.
2015Effect of folate status and age on DNA methylation and gene expressionWong, Yi Kwan
2012The effect of grid operating conditions on the harmonic performance of grid-connected PV invertersGoh, Hong Soo
2014Effect of heat and physiological stress on the growth performance, physiology and welfare of broiler chickensIyasere, Oluwaseun Serah
1995The effect of hydrogen on the mechanical behaviour of duplex stainless steel.El-Yazgi, Abdullatif Abdallah
2012Effect of inoculum on bioelectricity yield and the use of factorial experiments for assessing microbial fuel cellsHinks, Jamie
2014The effect of interval training on clinical and physiological outcomes in patients with inclusion body myositis and mitochondrial disordersJones, Katherine Louise
2014The effect of late holocene ice-mass changes on glacial isostatic adjustment in West AntarcticaNield, Grace Alexandra
1986Effect of lubricating oil characteristics on gear vibrationsPerera, Palihawandana Arachige Bertram A. R.
2011The effect of microstructure on the susceptibility of pipeline steels to environment-assisted crackingMustapha, Alhaji
2019The effect of milk on recovery from exercise in femalesRankin, Paula
2014Effect of physical, chemical and biological treatment on the removal of five pharmaceuticals from domestic wastewater in laboratory-scale reactors and full-scale plantAlajmi, Hasan Mubarak
2015The effect of programming competency on success in undergraduate team projects in computing scienceDevlin, Marie
2017The effect of pronuclear transfer on human preimplantation developmentRichardson, Jessica Louise
2008Effect of redox conditions in the degradation of (RS)-MCPP during biological treatment of synthetic wastewater in an anaerobic membrane bioreactor (AMBr)Muhammad Yuzir, Muhamad Ali