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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1972The education, employment and integration of Indian and Pakistani youths in Newcastle upon Tyne :an empirical studyTaylor, John H.
1972Palaeomagnetic studies on rock formations in the High Atlas and Anti-Atlas regions of MoroccoHailwood, E. A.
1972Turbogenerator transient behaviour under large system disturbances : a study of performance improvements by fast acting controlsJenkins, K
1972Glow discharge reactors for hydrazine synthesisHaji, F.H.
1972Congestion problems in computing systemsMitrani, I
1972A numerical investigation of the Rayleigh-Ritz method for the solution of variational problemsLloyd, John Lionel
1972Syntactic analysis of LR(k) languagesAnderson, T.
1972Simulation in an interactive computer environmentAppleton, D.R.
1972Organic geochemistry of the marl slate and other organic rich sedimentsDungworth, Graham
1973Tungsten-nitrogen interactions in ironStephenson, Alan
1973Electrodeposition of metals from dilute solutions of their ionsLopez-Cacicedo, C.L.
1973The electrochemistry of lead in sulphuric acidArchdale, G
1973The electrochemical reduction of dichromateMakepeace, William
1973Interpretation of project Magnet data (1959 to 1966) for Africa and the Mozambique Channel. Seismic ray tracing with applications to AfricaGreen, Alan G.
1973An in situ investigation of the physical properties of rock salt with special reference to underground gas storageDack, E.
1973Investigation of the effect of reactor size on the nett rate of formation of hydrazine from ammonia in a glow dischargeReilley, R A
1973An analysis of the structure of trees and graphsSnow, C.R.
1973Analysis of some algorithms for use on paged virtual memory computersKnight, J.C.
1974The nitriding of iron-nickel-niobium alloysHandley, Jack Richard
1974The development of agriculture and the diffusion of agricultural innovation in Northumberland 1750-1850Macdonald, Stuart