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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Investigating the true limits of anaerobic treatment of wastewater at low temperature using a cold-adapted inoculumPetropoulos, Evangelos
2016The use of statistics in understanding pharmaceutical manufacturing processesBurke, Keeley
2016Enacting intentional heterotopias :discovering alternative spaces through a relational-scalar approach in the spiritual intentional communities of Damanhur (Italy) and Terra Mirim (Brazil)Fois, Francesca
2016Censorship of poetry in post-revolutionary Iran (1979 to 2014), growing up with censorship (a memoir), and the kindly interrogator (a collection of poetry)Hassani, Alireza
2016Transcriptome analysis of cartilage in homoeostasis and osteoarthritis using deep sequencing technologyXu, Yaobo
2016The journey of researching on to researching with : theoretical and methodological challenges within educational researchClark, Jill Lindy Leigh
2016Cognitive effort in post-editing of machine translation : evidence from eye movements, subjective ratings, and think-aloud protocolsNunes Vieira, Lucas
2016Improved coordinated automatic voltage control in power grids through complex network analysisAlimisi, Varvara
2016Development of failure frequency, shelter and escape models for dense phase carbon dioxide pipelinesLyons, Christopher John
2016Investigating the effects of biochar and activated carbon amendment on the microbial community response in a volatile petroleum hydrocarbon - contaminated gravelly sandMangse, George