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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Utilization of biochar produced from agricultural residues for the removal of pesticide and pharmaceutical micropollutants in surface water biofiltrationJohnson, Emmanuel
2022Optimising associations of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi with wheatSeeliger, Mirjam
2021Poor oral health and age-related health outcomes : epidemiological cohort studies of older people in the United Kingdom and United States of AmericaKotronia, Eftychia
2022Control of Diffuse Agricultural Pollution and Management of Trans-boundary Waterways : A comparative analysis of the policy making process in Ireland and Northern IrelandAttorp, Adrienne
2022New insights on SepL, the gatekeeper component in Type 3 secretion system of enteropathogenic E. coli, though functional interchangeability studiesAlMessiry, Bian Khalaf
2022AMBRA1 as a Biomarker and its Functional Crosstalk with Autophagy and Epidermal Differentiation in Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma TumourigenesisAlexander, Michael Hugh
2022Multiscale modelling and structure-guided development of small molecules tackling neuroinflammation and inflammageingLiu, Danlin
2022A holistic study of the sustained impact of non-standard refined diesel fuel on the Niger Delta Region of NigeriaBebeteidoh, Oyinkepreye Lucky
2022Cybersecurity Regulation in the Financial Sector: Reflexive Risk Management in the UK, USA and NigeriaAtere, Temitayo Olami
2022Induction of plasticity in subcortical structures and its application in spinal cord injuryGermann, Maria