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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Catalytic enhancement of hydration of CO₂ using nickel nanoparticles for carbon capture and storageBhaduri, Gaurav Ashok
2018Understanding the inhibitory effects of plant-derived isothiocyanates and biofumigation on potato cyst nematodesWood, Claire
2018Microbial ecology of anaerobic biodegradation of benzoate : microbial communities and processesKorin, Tetyana Olegivna
2018Geomechanical characterisation of organic-rich shale properties using small scale experiments and homogenisation methodsGoodarzi, Majid
2018Molecular pathology : the roles of P53 in the oxidative stress and DNA damage responses in chronic liver disease and hepatocellular carcinomaMahdi, A. K.
2018A GIS-based spatial equity assessment framework : measuring potential accessibility and assessing spatial equity of healthcare services integrating size and quality for social groups at the household level on the city scale: a case study of GP practices in the UKWu, Chengcheng
2018The syntax of temporal and conditional adverbial clauses in Najdi ArabicAlshammari, Ahmad Radi H.
2018The culture and political world of the fourth century AD : Julian, paideia and educationHughes, Victoria Elizabeth
2018Assessing preference elicitation methods in choice experiments : a case study of tourism facilities at Kenyir Lake, MalaysiaW Mohamad, W. N. B.
2018An investigation into predictors of the human body burden of polybrominated diphenyl ether flame retardentsBramwell, Charlotte Lindsay