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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Effects of board busyness on financial stability, market valuations and dividend payouts : evidence from alternative banking modelsTrịnh, Quang Vũ
2019An Ecology of Land Use : The study of the interaction between people and natural processes based upon case studies of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK and Hagi, JapanMakino, Keiji
2019A comparative analysis of research abstracts written by novice and professional writers :a synergy of genre-based and corpus-based approachesSiriganjanavong, Vanlee
2019Exploring non-academic motivational factors which impact English language learning in Saudi Arabia : a qualitative studyAlghamdi, Musa Abdullah
2019The linguistic debate in Chile: ideologies and representations of languages and multilingual practices in the national online newsSliashynskaya, Hanna
2019'Tricksters', 'victims' and 'saviours' in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict : a discourse-mythological analysis of Al Jazeera online and the Palestinian papersKhoulani, Lina
2018Engendering the future : divination and the construction of gender in the late Roman RepublicMowat, Christopher James
2017Factors influencing the propensity of real estate investors in the U.K. to employ property derivatives : a surveyHanisch, Alexander Thomas
2019The effectiveness of a computer software program for developing phonemic awareness and decoding skills for low-literate adult learners of EnglishFilimban, Enas Mustafa H
2019Aural and Orthographic Input: Implications for the Acquisition of English Consonant Clusters by Northern Najdi Arabic Speakers.Al Azmi, Saleh