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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Macroeconomic variables, oil prices and seasonality :three key issues empirically investigated for Islamic stock market indicesAbalala, Turki Shjaan
2013Supply chain collaboration in the management of Nam Dok Mai mango exports from Thailand to JapanPanichsakpatana, Supajit
2013What use is poetry? :Chasing the ivy : (a collection of poetry), and, What use is poetry? : (the role of poets and poetry with particular reference to Horace and the combination of use and beauty)Almond, Maureen
2013A study of the effectiveness of self-video interventions on parent-child interaction and children's verbal communication skills and the experience of video interaction guidance for parents of children with communication difficultiesTaylor, Amelia Fay
2013Teachers' and pupils' views of teacher-pupil relationships through primary and middle schoolShort, Leanne
2013Young women's everyday lives :home and work in the North East of EnglanMetcalfe, Gemma
2013Read all about it? :newspaper coverage of the archaeological excavation, retention, and reburial of human remains within the United KingdomPark, Victoria Mary
2013Consumer food shopping behaviour in LibyaSehib, Khairia, A. H.
2013A systematic review of school based mentoring interventions and an exploratory study of using Video Interaction Guidance to support peer reading mentorsMacCallum, Laura
2013I spy with my military eye :strategies of military vision and their use in fine art practiceStreffen, Isabella Sarah Espie