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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Environmental and experimental evaluation of producing chemicals from CO2 using bioelectrochemical systemsOkoroafor, Tobechi Nnamdi
2019The impact of investigative interviews on rape/sexual assault victims : towards a more effective framework for police interviewersWebster, William Stuart
2019The enabler : facilitating next-speaker selection in L2 group oral assessmentsAl Abbas, Reem Hassanali
2019The Conservative Party, policy change, and Europe : 1997-2016Martin, Tristan
2019The links and chains of culture : how to reach a position on cultureLiljedahl, Thomas Björn Olof.
2019Developing a heat health warning system for Thailand : an investigation into the associations between climatic variables and heat-related illnesses with stakeholder consensus exercisesTanathitikorn, Chuleekorn
2019Briquetting and torrefaction of agricultural residues for energy productionOkot, David Kilama
2019Definition of a bottom-up rural development model as a governance instrument through the analysis of the rural development political strategies in the United Kingdom and in Italy : the cases of four Local Action Groups (LAGs) in Scotland, England, Emilia-Romagna region and Puglia regionGargano, Giuseppe
2019Microbial electrolysis cells with both anode and cathode catalysed by microorganismsLim, Swee Su
2019Institutionalisation of ethics, ethical climate, and project performance outcomes : the case of business- to- business contractual relationshipsNnaji, Charles