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Title: Demystifying Customers’ Engagement with Luxury Brands on Social Media: An Investigation of its Antecedents and Consequence on Brand Loyalty
Authors: Bazi, Saleh Mahmoud Ali
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Newcastle University
Abstract: Luxury brand managers increasingly use social media in their marketing campaigns. Despite widespread practitioner interest and activity, there is a scarcity of academic studies on luxury brand engagement through social media, resulting in a limited understanding of the motivations and consequences of customers’ engagement with luxury brands on Social Media Platforms (SMPs). This thesis focuses on the psychological dimension of engagement, consisting of cognitive, affective, and activation dimensions. Drawing on this theoretical basis, it seeks to understand the motivations and consequences of consumer engagement with luxury brands on social media. The thesis follows a sequential exploratory mixed-method research design, and is divided into four studies addressing two research questions in turn. The first study follows a qualitative approach with data from 25 semi-structured in-depth interviews. This study adopted a holistic approach aimed to shed light on the motivations and consequences of customers’ engagement with luxury brands on SMPs, generating an original conceptual framework including constructs that are new to consumer engagement g literature. The second and third study sought to conceptualize and develop scales for the new constructs identified from the qualitative research, namely brand ethereality and post aesthetic quality. This study draws upon the conceptual framework generated from Study 1. Survey data were collected from 1,062 customers of luxury brands, with the dataset being split into two halves for calibration (531 participants) and validation (531 participants). Finally, a fourth study was conducted to test the relationships in the conceptual model. The analysis identifies six factors that significantly affect customer engagement with luxury brands on SMPs: post aesthetic quality, seeking brand news, brand ethereality, maintain and enhance face, entertainment, and ease of use, and one consequence of customers’ engagement with luxury brands on SMPs (i.e. brand loyalty). The entertainment motive has the strongest impact on customers’ engagement while maintaining and enhancing face has the lowest. The results demonstrate the powerful effect of customer engagement via social media on brand loyalty. Implications for marketing theory and practice are drawn.
Description: Ph. D. Thesis
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